Rules on how to play Bingo.


Bingo is a number game. It takes about ten minutes to complete a game of Bingo. The players can repeat the game many times once the game is done. The objective of the game is to get bingo!


Each player gets a call sheet. Take printouts of Bingo cards for each player. Hand out each Bingo card to each player. No player should get the same card. Bingo scorecards have 25 random squares on them with the word BINGO written across the squared boxes. Bingo scorecard may be available online or at a local store also. The goal is to cover five of the squares in a vertical or a horizontal line. Each alphabet corresponds to a number in the square. For example, B8 refers to number 8 under the column marked B. Before the game, choose a caller. A caller is a person who reads out the alphabet-number pair. The caller is not a part of the game. Now, the Bingo chips are distributed to each player. Bingo chips are used to cover the numbers on the squares. There is a free space in the center of each card. The bingo chip is initially kept on the open space and is moved accordingly. The caller hands out the letter-number combination cards, known as bingo balls which will be called out one after the other. Once a player gets five squares covered either vertically or horizontally, the game is done! Or, the game can also go on till one person loses.




The game starts when the caller calls out a letter-number combination randomly without looking. If the caller calls out N6, then, you look out for the number 6, under column N. If you have that particular combination, then, cover the square with the chip. Don’t do anything if you don’t have that specific combination. The game is repeated. The caller keeps on calling out the different letter word combinations one after the other till someone gets five squares covered either horizontally or vertically. Shout out BINGO if you are the first to get all the five squares covered up. This way, everyone gets to know who won the game. If more than one person gets all the five squares covered, then, all those people win the game of BINGO. This is purely a game of chance. Once someone shouts bingo, the game is over! A new game begins with a clear scorecard. The chip goes back to the free space. All the letter-number combinations that the caller used in the previous game is rolled back and out inside the bowl. All the letter-number combinations are mixed up together before a new game begins.

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